Pitahaya Fruit

You will likely find that the pitahaya fruit name is interchangeable with dragon fruit or also pitaya fruit (also pitajaya fruit) and sometimes strawberry pear. Dragonfruit is the most common name for pitahaya, but coming in as close seconds pitahaya and pitaya are both common pitahaya synonyms in English speaking countries. If you want to learn about the pitahaya cactus and pitahaya fruit, the pitahaya fruit pages at Foodlywise.com will introduce you to all aspects of the pitahaya fruit including health benefits of pitahaya and where to buy pitahaya and tips on how to grow pitahaya cactus (growing pitahaya cactus can be very rewarding). You can also learn how to eat pitahaya  both dried pitahaya and fresh pitahaya.


The delectable and nutritious pitahaya fruit is the fruit of the vinelike pitahaya cactus. The pitahaya cactus blooms only at night with beautiful huge fragrant blooms. Pollination is by nocturnal creatures such as moths and bats rather than the more…

Pitahaya Health Benefits

Pitahaya health benefits and the great pitahaya nutrition benefits make pitahaya fruit popular all over the world. The health benefits of pitahaya fruit are many and varied, including pitahaya health benefits helping to lower blood glucose levels in type…

How to Grow Pitahaya

Growing pitahaya commercially is common in places like Thailand and Vietnam where the climate is right for growing pitahaya successfully to fruit. There are three commonly cultivated varieties of pitahaya, red pitahaya fruit with red flesh and red skin,…

Where to Buy Pitahaya

Are you trying to find where to buy pitahaya fruit near you or where to buy pitahaya cactus for growing pitahaya? The 'Where to Buy Pitahaya' pages at the pitahaya section of the Foodlywise will tell you what you need to know.

How to Eat Pitahaya

Sometimes it seems that the number of ways people choose how to eat pitahaya are about as many as there are people who enjoy eating pitahaya fruit. If you enjoy eating pitahaya fresh, you can spoon the pitahaya flesh out of the skin like you are eating…

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